Sold in 11 weeks

Alex’s 3-4-4 SOLD Sales Process

3 weeks preparation for going to market

4 weeks marketing

4 weeks or less to settle

Alex differentiates himself from other agents because of his 3-4-4-SOLD sales process.

Alex has developed this proven 11 week streamlined Path to a Property Sale, detailing Alex’s preparation, marketing and settlement steps of how to market and sell your property in order and to educate you in what lies ahead and provide a perfect plan for your sales success. A quick sale produces the highest price and the best outcomes for vendors and buyers alike.

Property Styling Guide

Alex has retained a professional property stylist to offer advice to our Sellers. As is said, “you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression” and our property stylist will help us to present your property in the best manner possible. She will ensure that your property presents a comfortable modern ambience and utilise Feng Shui principals. On many occasions, after retaining and using our property stylist, we have had a buyer arrive at the first open home and choose to purchase the property being offered. This is a sensational outcome for the Sellers as their life is not disrupted with a protracted sales process and many open inspections. For the buyers, they see the property that they can visualise themselves living in and choose to proceed forward immediately.

100% happy Sellers and 100% happy Buyers is Alex’s objective.

Preparing to Sell

A new fresh approach to being a trusted agent, together with market leading experience with digital marketing has given Alex significant insight into what appeals to both vendors and home buyers. The first thing he does is introduce a professional stylist to ensure that everything is brilliantly presented from the first inspection and this sells homes This may consist of minor cleaning or major de-cluttering. Remember, location, price and presentation…….sells properties.

The market controls price but we both control the presentation and that ultimately creates the best price! Check out more of our hints on getting your home ready to sell.

Presenting your Property

Alex Phillis together with our property stylist have successfully assisted Sellers to prepare their properties for sale and achieve the 3-4- 4-SOLD result.

This process is about working with you to ensure that your property is presented to it best advantage to appeal to all genuine buyers.

Experience tells Alex that there is only one chance to make a good first impression, so we all need to be focussed to achieve this.

Any check list should include:

  • The entrance appeal
  • Entertaining areas
  • Gardens and paths
  • House exterior paintwork
  • Interior areas (using our stylist)
  • Swimming Pool area
  • Remove any clutter

Styling your home prior to offering for sale

It is said that “Presentation is Everything!”

We agree and to that end, we contract one of the Gold Coasts best stylist to provide assistance in the presentation of your property. She has an amazing talent and can instantly transform a property into the most attractive and most saleable property, hence achieving a better price and a far quicker sale. It’s about us getting you the best price in the shortest possible time! You only get one chance to make the first best impression to buyers! 17 Marketing your home

How To Achieve The Best Price

Alex Phillis the specialist Luxury Real Estate Agent on the Northern Gold Coast 16 On the surface, selling your property may seem easy, but using a specialised Prestige Property Agent can make a huge difference in how fast you sell your property and the price you get for your property.

By using Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate to sell your properly on the Northern Gold Coast, you can rest assured that Alex has the experience to sell your property quickly, and return the best price possible.

Alex provides a streamlined detailed ‘path of the property sale’ in order to assist you in what lies ahead, provide a proper explanation of a plan and help get you up to speed on some of the details of the process. The Alex Phillis property presentations are epic and each movie is like a Hollywood video shoot.

The results are that usually Alex receives immediate enquiries from all over the world from buyers and sellers because of the quality of his video presentations and the emotional connection that they create.

Marketing your home

In the world of prestige residential real estate, the term “marketing” means one thing… to get qualified, prospective buyers interested in your home fast. Qualified buyers are defined as people that are ready, willing, and most importantly, able to buy your home in the shortest time period. These people are the focus of our marketing efforts.

Our marketing plan combines the resources of digital marketing, the Internet, the Gold Coast Bulletin, on property for sale signs, email marketing, direct mail, and good old-fashioned networking in order to target prospective home buyers.

On the surface, selling your property may seem easy, but using Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate, can make a huge difference to how fast you sell your property and the price you realise for it.

By using Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate to sell you prestige property on the Gold Coast, you can rest assured that Alex and his team has the experience to sell your home quickly so please ask about our 3:4:4 sales process.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become the new medium of choice for researching home purchases. “Easy”, “convenient” and “no pressure” are words that best describe the process marketing your property. It is Alex’s opinion that in order to effectively market a property, the modern Agent must have a strong grasp of digital marketing because traditional press advertising that most other big agents recommend doesn’t work as effectively as digital marketing and is very costly.

We have a state of the art digital and traditional presence and analytics to provide our sellers with qualitative data on our Social Media success.


Internet exposure

Videos and pictures about your property are circulated to all major real estate portals on the Internet to increase the chances of a quick sale.

We prefer but we utilise other sites depending on the area we consider most qualified buyers will come from.


Traditional print marketing

This is a remarkable time to be involved in the field of marketing and selling residential prestige real estate. Even though the Internet has become the major resource for prospective home buyers, traditional print marketing still accounts for a significant share of home sales.

The Internet may be responsible for bringing the buyer to the home but it is usually good old-fashioned, face-to-face professional service that gets the transaction closed.

Although the trend in real estate advertising is toward the Internet, 40% of home buyers said they also started their home search in print media.

We have focused our efforts towards publications we know work.

The Gold Coast Bulletin is still researched by prospective prestige properly buyers.


Alex does not favour the auction process for Luxury Real Estate! Whilst most other agents recommend the auction process, Alex has seen many disastrous auctions for Sellers.

Once a property has been exposed to the market and a price established which is usually a low price, that price then forms the base price for all future negotiations.

Agents will tell sellers that the auction process brings buyers into the market and that might well be true, but are they NOT the quality buyers looking to pay a good price for a good property.

All sales post auction, are only a slight improvement on the low auction price. Alex has a proven track record in selling using private treaty. Buyers no longer trust the auction process for luxury real estate!

Asian and Chinese Market

Alex, Monika Tu and Huan Luo work closely together to facilitate the Asian Chinese and Asian buyers seeking property on the Gold Coast .

Huan is consistently advertising on ‘Wechat’, the equivalent to ‘Facebook’ for the Chinese community. Huan has a strong network of Chinese brokers that provide pre-qualified buyers seeking prestige properties on the Gold Coast. Huan reaches out to the Chinese community creating ongoing personal relationships and trusting buyers. Alex also works in conjunction with Monika Tu from the incredible Black Diamonz agency in Sydney, to provide outstanding service to her Overseas buyers when they are looking for property on the Gold Coast. We have an international database of high net worth clients who reach out to us about the Northern Gold Coast and through our buyer’s agents we have cultivated strong, trusted personal relationships.

These are successful professionals who choose Alex in the pursuit of the very best local real estate. With proven sales records on a wide scope of properties ranging from $1M-$10M, Alex and the buyer’s agents know how to reach buyers globally through established marketing channels including the Chinese Facebook channel Wechat. Our Alex’s honed negotiation skills then allow him to secure timely transactions with market leading results, finding overseas buyers other agencies simply don’t have access to. We never underestimate the power of personal relationships improvement on the low auction price. Alex has a proven track record in selling using private treaty. Buyers no longer trust the auction process for luxury real estate!

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